“I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Francine’s training of our Doberman, Loki. From our first conversation to the day that Francine brought my boy home, she was completely professional, honest and supportive. I truly feel that we had an individualized training plan and the results are phenomenal. Loki is home and behaving like the dog I have always dreamed of! Francine does not only train your dog, but provides training to the owners so that everyone is happy and on the same page. Thank you is not enough!” – Megan

“I just wanted to let you know that Brooklyn had an amazing day today. We went for a walk in town where she saw a few dogs that were also on leash. I put her in a down and she was wonderful – never barked or tried to get out of the down. We went to visit a friend and she was an ideal guest. After a trip to the bank and dropping something off at a local business office where she was praised in both situations for her good manners, we went to visit Jim’s dad in the nursing home. She was terrific. When we got home, I let her off leash and she did run after a chipmunk but responded right away to the come command. I am amazed!  Something I have noticed is that she is much more attentive to me. When we are walking, she often looks up at me which is something she never did before. She is fast on the way to being just the kind of companion we were hoping for. Thank you! – Pat

“Buddy came home from boot camp today and he’s a changed dog! Walking him anywhere but around the house was virtually impossible. He was extremely reactive when people, cars, or other dogs went by, so walking him in public wasn’t an option. He just spent two and a half weeks with Francine and he’s now the walkable dog I wanted. He is also able to play ball on the front lawn without his leash, which would never have been possible before his time in training. Francine was not only Buddy’s instructor, but she took the time to work with my family and me and we are now much more confident in our ability to handle Buddy.” – Laura

“I can’t even begin to tell you what an absolute pleasure it is to have Bella back home. This dog stole my heart when I met her but her behavior was OUT OF CONTROL, to the point I thought I was going to have to get rid of her if SOMETHING didn’t change and fast. In just one month she went from not knowing how to control herself to being the best behaved and lovable dog I could have hoped for. I can’t thank her trainer enough and Bella and I will enjoy many happy years together.” – Stacy

“It was just a year ago we brought Francine our big white Great Pyrenees / Newfoundland mix who outgrew our ability to keep her attention. By the time I called Francine, I was crying. I cannot thank Francine enough for bringing Poppy back to us. We LOVE her, she is the most adorable member of our pet family and it’s impossible to imagine life here without her! Our morning walks are my respite. That would not have happened without her work. It’s been a great year!” – Ilze

“We just received our two German Pinschers back from D.O.G. Agility Boot Camp and I can’t praise enough the work Francine did. We now have two awesome obedient dogs! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” – Jason

“We found Francine extremely efficient, effective with our dog and very accessible to us. She spent enough time both with our dog and with us so that we felt con_dent to handle our dog. I felt in short that when she returned our dog we had a greatly improved and more enjoyable pet. Our young German Shepherd is now a pleasure to be around.” – Peter

“We’ve done two sessions with Emma, a nine-year-old English Shepherd, who exhibited strong defensive behavior toward many other dogs while walking. Working with Francine has been wonderful. She is knowledgeable and calm and in charge of the session, and she understood Emma right away. She talked about corrections and then showed us the walk and the behavior she was looking for. The difference in walking her before Francine’s training and after has been quite dramatic. We are all so much more confident, and understanding what we have to do makes walking so much more pleasurable.” – Michael

Brooklyn and I have had the most amazing, enjoyable walks with our neighborhood “pack” the last two days.  While the other dogs race off after bunnies, squirrels and deer and get their flexi-leads wrapped around each other, Brooklyn walks quietly at my side and almost never needs a reminder.  Everyone is quite jealous.  She also goes into her outdoor pen without running off and making me come get her.  Such an added pleasure, not to mention stress-reducer when I’m in hurry to get going!  Thank you!  Thank you!  – Nancy