Our programs are tailor-made for your lifestyle, whether you want to be involved in the training or you need to hand the reins (and leash!) over to someone else. We offer programs to suit your needs and budget.

Private Lessons Program

Reliable Dog

You’ll finally be able to trust your dog even when he’s off leash and there are distractions around! Our Reliable Dog program teaches your dog to be dependable and obedient in any setting. This program is for the family that wants to be actively involved in every step of their dog’s training. This is the only private lessons program we offer. It will cover all the life skills your dog will need for you both to enjoy adventures together in the real world.

3 private lessons at our facility
3 private lessons at your home
7 commands: come, down, leave it, loose leash walking, place, sit, wait at doorways

Training ‘rocks’ according to Ziva and Jager


Board n’ Train Obedience Programs

Polite Dog

Take your dog on enjoyable walks without pulling and trust that he’ll behave! With our Polite Dog program, your dog will finally have the leash manners that you always wanted.  Imagine walking your dog on a street without him/her barking, or straining and pulling you when there are other dogs and people around.  You will enjoy taking your dog out for walks with wonderful manners!  Perfect for dogs staying with us for 7 to 10 days boarding.  This program is NOT for dogs with reactive or aggression issues toward people or other dogs.


Incredible Dog

In just 10 days you’ll know the pleasure of living with a dog that comes when you call the first time! The Incredible Dog program teaches your dog how to come when called the first time, EVEN OFF LEASH!!  This program is perfect for on-the-go people to finally get that off leash “come” reliably EVERY time! Yes, even with HUGE distractions! i.e. squirrels, rabbits, people, dogs…   

  • 10 day board and train stay
  • 1 private lesson at your home
  • A reliable off leash ‘ come’ command!!

Rock Star Dog

Does your dog have many behaviors that are making you crazy? You’re not alone. We’ve worked with numerous dog owners who have the same story. We’re here to help.

The Rock Star program is perfect for the door dashing, jumping, leash pulling, barking dog that needs to learn how to control their impulses and have great manners so you both can enjoy each other! You can finally have that incredible pleasure of off-leash adventures together,  knowing that when you call your dog they will come. Imagine no more pulling on the leash, jumping on your guests or just not listening.

Our signature Rock Star Dog program is designed specifically for the problems you’re dealing with. Take comfort in knowing that you and your pet will enjoy these benefits:

  • You won’t need to learn the ins and outs of dog training because we’ll do all the work for you!
  • Your dog will learn the commands that are most useful to you that include come, heel, down, place, crate, wait, off, sit, leave it, drop it.
  • Your dog will be socialized so that he’ll get along better with you, your family and friends, strangers and other pets.
  • You’ll get weekly training updates with photos for reassurance that your dog is enjoying his time with us and making tons of progress.
  • After just three weeks, you’ll have a happy, trustworthy, new-and-improved dog!

The Rock Star Dog program is ideal for active families and dog owners with hectic schedules. You’ll get plenty of reassurance that your dog is enjoying his time with us while making incredible changes to his behavior.

  • 21-day board and train stay with various field trips
  • 1 private lesson at your home
  • 10 commands including off-leash control
  • Weekly training updates with photos
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone support
  • All training equipment included
    Happy Endings!

    Happy Endings!

Why do we offer Board N’ Train services?

Because we get it.

Dog training is extremely timing consuming. On average if you were to train your dog yourself you will need to put aside at least 1 hour per day just for training. That’s doesn’t include the time needed to exercise your dog. This can be very hard and stressful for people who get home late, need to make dinner, tend to the children or are just too tired and need to relax.

With a busy life it can be too difficult for some owners.

What could take you months, if not longer, we can obtain in just a few weeks.


Because we train every day. We have precise timing and have the knowledge when and how to troubleshoot difficult behaviors. Not all training works for the same dogs. During your dog’s stay, we get to really know what works for your dog. We use our extensive knowledge and experience of training a large range of temperaments and breeds to get the results your looking for.

Training your dog is our full time job. There is never a day your dog doesn’t get trained several times a day. In addition to training obedience skills, we exercise your dog daily and work on enrichment such as Agility. Also, social dogs get free play time in between training sessions with matched playmates.

In our care, your dog gets trained by the best for the best results.

This investment is for the life of your pet. Once completing the program your dog will be fully trained. You just have to follow the program guidelines.