In 1995, I rescued a puppy that I found in a restaurant dumpster. I named this magic puppy D-O-G and he became my “heart dog,” inspiring me to get an education in dog training. In between training, I’m a foster parent for Out of the Pits, an American Pit Bull Terrier rescue organization.

My speciality is “reading” dogs – I understand how dogs learn and I’m able to motivate them by tapping into their drive. By using positive motivation, the dogs I work with end up enjoying their training! Read Z’s success story for a real- life example of one of my competition dogs.

At the D.O.G. Training Center, we have all levels of training for pets as well as for competition dogs. Our 4,000-square-foot, indoor facility is heated and has a dirt floor that protects your dog from injury. Visit our FAQ page for more answers to common questions.